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Buy TC-3 Vaporizer, this is a dry herb vape, it is a more portable version of the herbalizer. Like all Chong’s Choice vaporizers, this vaporizer provides clean, healthy hits, adjustable temperature control, a fast heating chamber, and a long-lasting battery ideal for when you’re on the go. Plus it automatically turns itself off after 5 minutes, so you won’t waste the battery.

Unlike some vapes, you don’t need to press anything to take a hit, but you do need to press the power button fives times to activate it, which could be tricky and frustrating for some. Like, why five times? Why not three?

It’s available in three colors: black, green, and pink (for the ladies) and comes with a black case.

Features TC-3 vaporizer

• Made Of PCTG, Zinc Alloy, And Silica Gel

• 1500mah Built-In Battery

• Dry Herb Vaporizer For Dry Herb, Concentrate, Flower, And Oil.

• Temperature And Power Mode

• 060°C-315°C/ 140°F-600°F Temperature Control

• Ceramic Heating

• Advanced OLED Display

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