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Buy Pink Tuna Kush Pink Tuna is an Indica-dominant (Indica 65% / Sativa 35%) hybrid cannabis strain created by 5-Star Organic. Pink

However, Tuna acquired through the crossing of Pink Kush and Tuna Kush.The name is also a silent nod to the infamous Black Tuna Gang from the 70s that smuggled weed from Columbia.

Tuna Kush is a hard-hitting marijuana strain that has a spicy sharp herbal and woody taste.meaning it’s a mix of pungent sweet and sour aromas. Its CBD ranges between 0.12% and 0.3% and its THC average is around 24.5% (between 23% and 25.67%).

Effects of Pink Tuna Strain

in effect, Pink Tuna strain has a strong high that starts with a cerebral rush and fills you with unfocused happiness.

Also, This uplifting feeling will slowly dissipate and you will be taken over by a more lethargic and relaxed mood. You are likely to end up couch-locked or sleepy, so it’s for the best to consume this strain in the evening.

Moreover, Patients who struggled with arthritis, insomnia, chronic stress, or depression, and can’t get enough rest can use Pink Tuna to help them out.


The plant can reach an average height of 50 inches (it can grow anywhere between 30 and 60 inches) and flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks or between 53 and 64 days.

to sum up, The average yield is 400g of marijuana per plant. The buds are small, compact, and grape-shaped. They are mint green with amber hairs and covered in white crystal trichomes.


Pink Tuna Kush

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