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  • Approx 0.6g-0.75g per joint
  • Available in 5 pack & 20 pack varieties


Buy Pink Tuna Pre-Rolls

Buy Pink Tuna Pre-rolls, it is an Indica dominant strain produced by 5 Star Organic. It was named after the infamous Black Tuna Gang, a known group of smugglers of Marijuana in Columbia during the 70s. This strain gives you a classic blast, which is perfect for relieving chronic pain.

Pink Tuna is not advisable for novices. With its THC content getting up to 31%, you know that this is not the strain you play with. You can hallucinate and get paranoid extremely if consumption is abused.

It switches on a full-body high in the brain that crashes through your reality, leaving you dazzled and zoned out. You should also expect the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth.
This stain is known for treating medical conditions such as insomnia, muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, chronic pain, and depression.


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1/2 ounce, An Ounce, 1 Ibs, 1/4 Ibs, 1/2 Ibs

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