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Buy Chong’s Choice, founded by legendary comedian and cannabis advocate Tommy Chong, provides the highest quality cannabis products in the U.S . Tommy’s goal with Chong’s Choice is to bring you the very best cannabis products available.

Though they don’t stand out in a market currently over-saturated with vape products, they get the job done and come with the same assurance of quality that’s guaranteed by the Chong’s Choice brand. It won’t dethrone your go-to cartridge, but it’s a competent option when buying blindly or on a budget

Products are available in every state where cannabis is legally permitted and on this website.  Tommy Chong’s products are available only at properly licensed and compliant retailers along with other permitted outlets in the State where they are located and there are no exceptions to this rule.  

Additionally, Tommy Chong’s will soon be available in several world markets.

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