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Buy Chong’s choice Herbalizer unit, it is a modern, sleek desktop vaporizer that transforms your dried herbs or concentrates into pure, delicious vapor.

Offering a classic design and easy operation, Chong’s choice is preferred among medical patients. 

A built-in 16-bit, 32MHz processor is made with an air temperature sensor that automatically and instantly regulates the vaporizer’s temperature.

You choose the temperature, and Herbie will take care of the rest.

However, here are three ranges to choose from:

  • Uplifting: With a range of 290-330F, this setting is ideal for calm, centered, stress-free moods.
  • Balanced: With a range of 330-390F, balanced offers the perfect mix of calmness and intensity.
  • Intense: With a range of 390-445F, intense mode turns up the heat to excruciating pain and liberates you from stress.

Buy Chong’s choice Herbalizer

Thanks to its built-in sensor, this vaporizer can regulate the temperature within +/- 5 degrees F – no matter how fast or slow your draw.

And you can choose whether to display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, whichever you prefer.

Safety First

Furthermore, Vaping should never be a dangerous affair.

The vaporizer is built with safety features that keep you vaping without burning out.

Intelligent software keeps an eye on your usage to prevent overheating. A built-in tilt sensor knows if the vaporizer tips over, and shuts off the heater automatically to prevent a fire.

Therefore, if you fall asleep in the middle of a session, sleep mode will kick on and automatically shut the unit down. Buy Chong’s choice Herbalizer

Pure, Clean Vapor

Other desktop vaporizers are built with parts that add unpleasant tastes and doors.

However, Chong’s choice Herbalizer uses inert components that don’t impart flavors or off-gas, so you enjoy pure, clean vapor every time.

  • Stainless steel airway
  • Quartz halogen bulb
  • Medical-grade silicone

Intelligent by Design

However, With an easy, intuitive design the system is always a pleasure to use. The magnetic bowl makes it easy to load this vaporizer, and the LCD display features a smart user interface for stress-free vaping.

Auto-dimming and usage sensing send this vaporizer over the top.

As a result, The unit is reliable, too, with more than three years of engineering and testing backing this vaporizer.

Buy Chong’s choice Herbalizer


Chong's Choice Herbalizer

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