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Buy Chong Choice Cannabis, these small nugs were separated from the bigger buds at harvest and packed up for your enjoyment. Grown in massive greenhouses in Northern California, these buds are full of flavor and free of pesticides. They’re the perfect size to grind up into a joint, or pack into a bowl.

Testing over 25% THC, legendary Sativa, Chong choice produces a well-balanced blast and is known for its sweet smell and flavor.

Tommy Chong is one of the most recognized names in cannabis. As an activist, actor, musician, and humorist, Chong has long championed the pleasures & benefits of marijuana.

However, Tommy Chong’s Astonishing Career Born in 1938 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Chong started his entertainment career as a guitarist. In the mid-1960s, he was part of the band Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers. They were a Motown act, and Tommy Chong wrote a song “Does Your Mama Know About Me” that charted at 29 on the Billboard hot 100. In 1967 Tommy Chong performed guitar live with Jimi Hendrix on bass during a tour in England.

Later, Chong migrated to California where he joined the vanguard of cannabis culture.

Chong Choice Cannabis


Smoke the Choice of Legends

Tommy Chong has leant his name to a select few remarkable cannabis products. We interviewed Tommy Chong in summer 2018, and later that year we helped launch the Chonger party joint, an eighth of cannabis in a single large smokable in a custom case.

Chong has reached out to his cannabis community to get us some good stuff. Maybe you’ve heard of the famous weed “Maui Waui with some Labrador” in it – this is going to be even better tasting. Here is a chance to experience “the choice of legends” – we’re proud to list these Tommy Chong products.

To conclude, Chong’s Cannabis from Comedian Tommy Chong makes preroll cannabis products for sale in Colorado, Arizona. Tommy Chong’s Cannabis is known for strains like Birthday Cake, Do-Si-Dos, Strawberry Lemon Sherbert, White Tahoe Cookies.

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