CBD Pineapple Express Cartridges – 200mg



 CBD Pineapple Express Cartridges – 200mg

Buy CBD Pineapple Express Cartridges – 200mg online from Chongs Choice Our pre-filled cartridges are one of the best products in our line, giving you the highest concentration of our unique blend. They come in a standard 510-threaded* 1ml cartridge and are available in 100mg and 200mg.  

Grab your vape pen and climb aboard the Pineapple Express! Our Delta-8 cartridges combine the smooth vaping experience of delta-8 THC with delicious terpenes from some of the world’s most popular cannabis strains.

Delta 8 is a close relative to regular delta-9 THC but typically delivers a more mellow euphoria. Most consumers report that delta 8 gives them the same sense of being “stoned” without experiencing the anxiety associated with standard THC products. Preliminary research has concluded that delta 8 has therapeutic potential for reducing nausea, stimulating the appetite, relieving pain, and calming anxious feelings. MMJ doctors recommend delta 8 to their patients who cannot tolerate the intense psychoactive effects of regular THC.

Pineapple Express combines the genetics of two legendary hybrids, Trainwreck and Hawaiian. Sativa-dominant Pineapple Express imparts uplifting feelings, making it the perfect compliment for the relaxing effects of delta 8. Limonene and myrcene give Pineapple Express a sweet, citrus taste and aroma, while beta-caryophyllene adds peppery notes. Our Pineapple Express Delta-8 Cartridge makes a fabulous accompaniment to social gatherings and creative work.


CBD Pineapple Express, Our CBD products are highly regarded for their premium quality content. We use only the finest hemp in our extraction process, striving to provide patients with superior herbal supplements.

200mg of CBD in 1ml


Cannabidiol (isolate CBD), 80/20 VG/PG, natural hemp
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